Libra Woman

September 23 - October 22


Libra Woman

The aesthetic observation of things is very characteristic for the Libra woman‘s personality, as well as the desire for balance, harmony and beauty. The woman keeps on top of things, what plays an important role in her life – her uniformity and elegance are significant personality traits. Her interests include art, aesthetics, good taste, peace and quite generally also the „refinement” of the lifestyle. The Libra woman is the one from all the zodiac signs, in whose home you will feel most comfortable and safe.

Personality Traits

Libra woman may be cute as a pink doll, but only at the first sight, because thanks to the rational cold logic there is a piece of man inside her. Be careful, you can be defeated in chess right on the first date. Whatever the Libra woman plans with you it has certainly the form of a coherent plan. While deeply in love, she will thoroughly explore her feelings and will certainly not fall into your arms only for your beautiful blue eyes. And if so, then be sure that the next day the Libra women will think otherwise, and your blue eyes will no more be the extraordinary spell that would charm her till the end of life. Carefulness and cunningness are her natural personality traits.

Libra women are usually clever, but they will not show it ostentatiously. Their personality is usually very modest. It is also important to know that these women prefer relationships and not the solitude. Being alone is like to have just one pan of the scales in hand, what is clearly not a harmonious state. When Libra woman finds a partner, she will certainly try to make their common way of life fair. It will not be a woman who would bind as an iron ball to man‘s leg; just to worry about her. She is looking for the ideal balance how to divide the work, hobbies and leisure between the man and woman. Politeness and willingness to compromise are her essential personality traits.

Because it is not only a woman but also the Libra, she often do not trust to her physical beauty much and is constantly looking for imperfections. Please her and often tell her how beautiful and excellent she is. When the Libra women will hear the praise and compliments, she will bloom like a rose and will be even more beautiful.

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