Libra Man

September 23 - October 22


Libra Man

Libra man avoids extremes in judgements and opinions. He is able to identify with others and in fact with anything different. The Libra man is incomparable in the pursuit of peace and balance. The love for art, culture and everything aesthetic is vital for this man. Politeness and willingness to compromise are his typical personality traits. The longing for the ideal – the human relation, the perfect partnership – is constantly present in the mind of the Libra man.

Personality Traits

It may not be an intellectual with glasses on the nose, but still you can find out answers to almost all your questions when you meet him. The Libra man can rationalize everything, even your mutual love. The sense of justice and prudence are typical personality traits of this zodiac sign.

The Libra man hates inequality and prejudice, what, however, can one day easily turn against you. When you say to him that somebody hurt you, instead of the immediate understanding the Libra man is able to start an “investigation”, in which the whole case should be fairly and impartially judged. Instead of simply hugging you and saying sympathetically: It’s a dog eat dog world” – what something you would expect doing in such a moment.

Venus gave him the mysteries of Cupid strategy. The Libra man is able to dose all the velvet words exactly as is appropriate and necessary (as on the pharmacy scales). The Libra man will whisper softly into your ears when he feels that his every compliment can fall on a fertile soil and germinate in a common love. Its easy to succumb to such neat flattery. Surely you will recognize politeness, kindness and familiarity as his distinct personality traits.

Libra men have problems making resolute decisions in relationships and love. If he sees that you are willing to decide instead, he gladly hands over such responsibility to you. But beware, if the consequences prove that the decision was wrong, the Libra man will blame you and no one else.

If you expect a quick offer of marriage from the Libra man, probably you will have to be the first one who expresses it loudly. Conversely, if you see that your relationship is ruined, again, you will have to be the first who definitively ends it, because the Libra man would be able to prolong it indefinitely. Unfortunately, the decisiveness is really not the natural personality trait of any Libra man.

But if there is a perfect match between you and the Libra man, you can look forward to a nice and comfortable relationship, because these men are hospitable and like to spend on beauty and happiness.

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